Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Word O'

Word o' the Day.... Loud.

This morning for marching band, instead of meeting as a trombone section at 7 for sectionals, we met as a brass section at 7 for sectionals. We got a lesson in being loud. My favorite description of how to be loud enough (mind you its just approximate wording)... "Yeah. Touch your bell... it's a directional instrument. You can focus it. If you all play loud enough and focus your sound at one person's forehead, their head should explode." We all play. "Now that's what I'm talking about!"

If Loud = Marching Band and Marching Band = Fun, then Loud = Fun.


Sam G. said...

Now, now, let's keep it under control here. If one insists on playing loud let me offer the following guidelines.

If your loudest tasteful sound is 100%...

Practice up to 110%
Perform at 90%
And March in the band at, say, 125%

Please do not become a volume junkie. (It is great fun, though, isn't it?)

Anne said...

In the very very wise words of Dr. Fuelberth, "Never sing [or play] any louder than what is beautiful."

Kate said...

And here I was stuck on whether your final premises made for a valid or invalid argument! :o)