Monday, October 1, 2007


This afternoon I had my weekly lesson with my trombone professor. The past week I got very little time to practice, and he of course noticed. So we began discussing my schedule, and it came up that I should probably back the schedule off a little next semester. I had already been planning to do this. 18 credit hours with a music major is pretty crazy for me.

Also in the discussion, the idea of changing majors came up. I was wondering about a film music degree... if there was anything in that realm offered. The closest he suggested was a Bachelor of Arts with a film minor. Pretty cool idea. One of the job field that he mentioned that was growing was that of music for video games. As video games can now start having real sound tracks, musicians are needed to write and perform those sound tracks. That would be so much fun for me.

Another idea that was brought up, was me switching to a bass trombone instead of my tenor. The studio of around 20 trombonists has under 5 designated bass trombonists. That'd put me in a good position for later ensembles, providing my skill in the lower register is up to snuff. I am intrigued.

Nothing is decided, I'm not gonna decide today... just something to think about.


Anne said...

If you played bass trombone, would you still keep going with your tenor?

I think those are exciting possibilities! I've always found the idea of being a studio musician for films (and video games, I guess) pretty appealing. Though you'd probably have to move to L.A. or N.Y. for one of those jobs.

Kate said...

I agree with Anne: exciting new possibilities! Like you say, you don't have to decide today, but it's great food for thought. (A Film minor would be so cool!)

And YES, 18 hours for a music major is not as easy as it may first seem. Music classes seem easy with little homework, but often require major practice and sporadic evening commitments.

cori said...

a film minor is definitely uber-cool. I say go for it, since then you can watch movies and it counts as SCHOOL! *sweet*

Sam G. said...

Take it up with my buddies. Andy G was a Tenor trombonist that Doc converted to a Bass bonist and Chis S was a broadcasting major with a film minor (or at least an emphasis). They both seemed to turn out alright.

I hate weeks where you come under practiced. It happens so just take your beating and adjust fire for next week