Sunday, November 11, 2007

Daily Vid #'s 5 6 and 7

Hey. So it's been a couple of busy days, hence the lack of posting. So, I will post the missed vids in one BIG post. Hope you enjoy! =)

#5... an awesome trombone jazz solo by Nils Landgren. It involves some pretty amazing multiphonic playing. And other stuff... watch and see.

#6... a theremin. I want one. As far as I know it involves disturbing the electrical field around a device and it makes sound accordingly.

#7... an amusing amv (animated music video) using in-game graphics from Blizzard's World of Warcraft.


Sam G. said...

Lovely theramin playing. I've heard, but have not substantiated, that there are several websites out there that offer do-it-yourself instructions on building a theramin. I've also heard it's not as complex or expensive as you might think.

My other question is about that trombone pop that he makes. I understand the physics and everything, but my concern is for the durability of that slide. Such a violent motion, are the inner tubes in any danger of getting bent out of alignment if you don't crank the slide just right?

Anne said...

I'm such a string player. I was watching the theramin video thinking: "I wonder how hard it would be to play that left-handed..."

You know... since string players generally control pitch with their left hand and rhythm with their right...

Okay, I'm done now.

The Caruso Clan said...

The music played by the theramin seemed very familiar. Was that from the Legend of Zelda?